The Herald's Challenge!!


Welcome to the first monthly Herald's Challenge!!

     Any member of the forum, be they Templares, Inquisitores, Malleus, Heretic, or Wayward may participate in the Herald's Challenge by submitting an entry, or just by voting for their favorite entry. The winner will receive the title of "Herald of the Order", 20,000 gold (yes, you read that right!  Twenty thousand gold!!), and the "Glory of the Herald" medal, awarded at a meeting and displayed on the Registratus.  (Unless they're not a guildmember, in which case they only get the gold.)

     The winner will be decided by using the forum up-vote or "like" method.  On each post, in the upper right corner, there is an up arrow (and down arrow). While it is normally perfectly fine to use the down-vote arrow for the rest of the forums, please do not use it for these entries.  Total up-votes for an entry will be counted, and the Grand Priory shall evaluate the most up-voted submissions (based on lore and guild theme), and announce the winner.

This post-fest will focus on your character's action or reaction to discovering or encountering a Heretic.

Here are some suggestions as to what to include in your entries:
    The Heretic may be canon or fanon, major or minor, an NPC or a player, be someone in the Grimoire Hereticus, or may be made up entirely for this Herald's Challenge.  
    Heretic entries for the this first monthly Herald's Challenges include not only the individual Heretic your character is dealing with, but, may be more than one Heretic, or even be different classes or races! They could even be a Horde goblin assassin! 
     Apart from that, entries should closely follow WoW mechanics (i.e. what they do in-game). We will not say that you can't include anything non-canon, but, we don't want you declaring yourself King of Stormwind, or killing the Warchief of the Horde, for example, for obvious reasons.  Don’t feel penned in by this suggestion though! Feel free to make your submission unique by including original items, or new uses for spells, current events, or even be game-expansion-specific (if it happened in the past). It can be super crunchy (i.e. lots o' linked spells or talents, etc) or completely fluffy (narrative and background), or anywhere in between.
      Additionally, authors may wish to include the history of their Heretic, such as who they are, why they are a heretic, if they have already committed heresy, etc.  It doesn't even have to be your character! It can be a made-up character, or a canon character! Also, you may include other player's characters in your story, and if they like it, they can comment on the entry's thread "Canon for [toon's name]" if they want the story to be included in their official storyline.  I encourage use of the Lord Inquisitor Calmorlayne Tovald, the Librarian.  You may wish to encourage other players to participate in your thread by making IC posts following your scene in the same thread, but, the only votes that count toward winning the competition are on the original post. 
       Mind you, this is not a hard and fast format, but more people will find your story useful and interesting if you adhere to at least most of the above suggestions. No pressure though! Write what YOU want to write about!

Now, on to the format...
      Your submission should be in the realm of 1,000-4,000 words or so in length (more is fine; less not so much). That is not set in stone, but it is a good average length for any story on the forums. Be sure to not only Spell Check your article but read it over yourself, as Spell Check will catch many things, but seldom everything. Submit your story on the Roleplaying forum found here.  Be sure to cite any sources you may have used as well. 
      When submitting your entry, be sure that your story is submitted in plain text format, contains no unsupported fonts, and if you use any formatting, make sure it matches WoW in-game formatting (i.e. - white for speech, orange for emotes, green for the Holy Link, pink for whispers, etc) . This just makes things a whole lot easier for members to  read, so take the time to do this *if* you use formatting.  If you write a straight narrative without formatting, please use the default colour and font sizes.  When submitting your article, please be sure to put the title of your submission in the following format:

Herald's Challenge (Jun2017): [TITLE OF YOUR STORY]

*Note: keep the "TITLE OF YOUR STORY" bit under 44 characters in length - save the dissertation for!  Stories not submitted with the "Herald's Challenge" tag will not be considered for the contest.

***Submissions are due by June 30, 2017.***

Thanks, and get to writing! ---Lord Inquisitor Calmorlayne Tovald, the Librarian

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